december 4: book. what book – fiction or non – touched you? where were you when you read it? have you bought and given away multiple copies?

while in DC this summer i took a course on constitutional interpretation through the federalist papers. while i had never read all of them before, i, like many, had read bits and pieces [10, 14, 84, 78, 70, 39, 51, etc.]. it was so cool to buy a book of all 85 and read them front to back.

i’m not nearly eloquent enough to say anything about them besides go read them. i’m so in love with all the articles. buy a copy, read them online, do whatever – just read! gives a great impression of just how tenuous our beginning was.

justice scalia spoke with our class and said one of the best things law students can do is to read all of the federalist papers. if it’s good enough for my hero nino, it’s more than adequate for me.

my new dream for future children is to have a son named hamilton, a daughter named madison, and a puppy named jay. we’ll call our little family publius. nerd alert!



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3 responses to “book

  1. JP

    Yay for naming kids after historical figures…

    I named my (other) online persona after the President of Ireland… and another online persona after another Irish revolutionary…

    Madison is a great girl’s name… And if it was good enough for Daryl Hannah it’s good enough for me…

  2. JP

    BTW the book that touched me was Angela’s Ashes… My mom’s from Ireland and didn’t live as bad as Frank McCourt did, but still there was quite a bit of poverty.

    I remember reading a short story my uncle wrote about his mom… It was a fictional account of her last moments. When I was 15, my parents were out to dinner and I got a call from my uncle in Ireland to tell us she’d passed. I fell to me to tell my parents. I had only met her once or twice so… I didn’t really think anything of it. When my parents got home I called my dad aside and told him and he broke the news to my mom that her mother died.

    A year or so later I read my uncle’s story. It told of how she was remembering all the hard years… When her family didn’t approve of my grandfather. How money was so short that she’d wait until the kids finished eating and then eat her dinner from the scraps off of their plates. I never appreciated her until then.

    Angela’s Ashes reminded me of her… I have an autographed copy of it at home.

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