december 6: workshop or conference. was there a conference or workshop you attended that was especially beneficial? where was it? what did you learn?

in february i went to the federalist society‘s student symposium at yale. titled separation of powers in american constitutionalism, it was a marvelous event.

more intellectual stimulation than i’ve ever been faced with; i was surrounded by sheer brilliance all weekend. saw yale’s gorgeous campus. made wonderful new friends. met then-judge sotomayor [at the time she was a 2nd circuit judge and rumored to be on a list for SCOTUS. we all know what happened there]. met john bolton! i can’t even list all of the brilliant and fascinating people who were there. everything about it was fantastic. i’m very much looking forward to 2010’s symposium at penn.

the organization is spectacular and i cannot imagine a better way to spend a february weekend. if you have a chance – GO. get involved with fed soc, it is a superb organization of which i cannot speak highly enough.



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2 responses to “conference

  1. Hi there! I found your blog through the list of #best09 tweets. I loved your tweet about how your posts are showcasing your nerdiness! Later today I’ll be blogging about the California Urban Water Agencies workshop I attended in January 2009, so I’m right there with you in the nerd category! I love the title of your blog and look forward to reading more of it!

  2. thanks!! i’ll mosey on over to your blog – i love nerdy nerds!

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