blog find

december 7: blog find of the year. that gem of a blog you can’t believe you didn’t know about until this year.

easy. lilu at livit, livut. she’s awesome. hilarious, crass, creator of the totally vulgar TMI thursdays.

i don’t think i’ve ever left her blog without laughing hard enough to spew my beverage all over my computer. while she’s not for the weak stomach or easily offended, she’s amazing. she tells poop jokes with frequency. that’s probably why i like her so much. if you haven’t read it before, mosey on over. she’s fab.



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4 responses to “blog find

  1. You completely just made my day- nay, my week! Thank you so much, sugar bunny!!!!!!


  2. Been reading it for awhile.. she is a laugh for sure

  3. Her blog is hilarious!!

    and OMG your blog is snowing! LOVE IT!

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