moment of peace

december 8: moment of peace. an hour or a day or a week of solitude. what was the quality of your breath? the state of your mind? how did you get there?

this post is a bit ironic as my first exam of the year is tomorrow morning and i have been frantic for days. but c’est la vie.

anyway, 1L year was a pretty tough year for me. i was devastated about leaving sweet briar, studying more than i’ve ever done, doubted myself left and right, and around law students, who are generally horrible people. there are exceptions, but i ran around pretty miserable all year.

i finally realized that i needed to take time to myself. so at least once a week [if not more], i would drive to the beach, leave everything in my car, and just walk on the beach. no ipod. no cell. not a thing but myself, the birds, and the steady sound of the rise and fall of the tide.

3193264402_63ce839d52.jpg (500×375)

it is the most peaceful place in the world.


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