december 9: challenge. something that really made you grow this year. that made you go to your edge and then some.

i talk about my summer in dc a lot. sorry for the repetitiveness, but it was such an amazing summer and i grew up a lot.

i wore suits all day, zipped to happy hours, read interesting books all summer, surrounded myself with amazing friends [new and old], and spent all day every day doing something i loved.

leaving dc was my challenge this year. i had to leave something i absolutely love to come back to a place where i was quite unhappy for a long time. but it’s good for me. i figured out how to be genuinely happy despite less than perfect circumstances. and it’s motivated me to get back to dc for good. i love the district, what i can do there, the dynamic, the freedom i have. most importantly, i love who i am there. working for a think tank was magnificent. i finally have a purpose for my life, a sense of direction.



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4 responses to “challenge

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  2. Hey, I am pulling for you successfully and purposefully getting back to DC. Kudos to you.

  3. thank you, that means a lot. 🙂

  4. I love Dave too but not been lucky enough to see him live. Thanks for the vids.

    And thanks for visiting my blog

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