december 10: album of the year. what’s rocking your world?

okay, i know this did not come out this year, but i didn’t purchase it until february, so it counts.

dave matthews and tim reynolds: live at radio city

it’s the single best album i have ever heard. all of the songs are magnificent, but there are a few that are simply breathtaking.

the maker:

lie in our graves:

he shares a lot of stories between songs. now, i’ve loved dave for a looooong time, but this is easily his best work. it was the best $15 i have spent on a music possibly ever. none of the songs were new to me, but the way they were played? undeniably spectacular.



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3 responses to “album

  1. See comment in previous post I didn’t realize it was at the top of the post.. opps

  2. I have this album, love it to pieces!!! Great pick

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