december 14: rush. when did you get your best rush of the year?

2009 was a fairly tame year, re: all things activity. but i was home in colorado for two weeks and went sailing. a lot. in fact i think i was probably on the boat for 10 of the 15 days that i was home.

sailing in colorado is always a bit tricky. weather is made in the mountains, and our lake gets pounded by wind barreling down the foothills unanticipated. in fact, the wind direction can [and frequently does] change 360 degrees in 5 minutes. fun stuff.

one night in particular, things got a little hairy. and by that i mean our gunnels were dipping in and out of the water and our rudder was coming out to the point where it was useless. fun stuff, really. but we won that race by 4 seconds [including the PHRF corrections]! when we got the boat put away and were drinking some beers [fat tire WHAT UP], eating burgers, and shooting the proverbial shit back on the dock and my knees were still shaking. it was the craziest sailing i’ve ever done.

and it was a BLAST.


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  1. This sounds fantastic! Makes me want to sail in Colorado… how about that boat there, on the right? LOL.

    Great read from a fellow Best09 Blogger!

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