tucker blair, anyone?

hey ya’ll,

i made a friend a few weeks ago because i was wearing my tucker blair crab headband. she’s way cute and now we’re buddies. the power of tucker blair.

anyway, i just found out that the glamazon diaries are doing a tucker blair giveaway! definitely check it out – flip flops and a polo! something for you and a gift for the special dudeski in your life. or two gifts for you. 🙂



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3 responses to “tucker blair, anyone?

  1. HAHA! Yayy! Good luck on exams dear, Nathan finished up his today and he is shot. I think he may be going to Tunica to gamble in celebration…god help me.

  2. And, um not to be strange and comment twice on on post, but I just saw these and thought of you…fabulous!


  3. girl, you can comment on my posts as frequently as you like. love it. 🙂

    and those are super duper cute! i like the fireball drop ones, too! oh jcrew and your fabulousness.

    let the boy have his fun. well, unless that includes passing out in middle of the street. again. 😉

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