december 17: word or phrase. a word that encapsulates your year. “2009 was…”

2009 can be divided into 3 distinct chunks:

  • january to may: 1L spring. loooooots of studying, lots to show for it.
  • may to august: summer in DC, think tanking it up, partying like crazy to make up for the time i lost of my “irresponsible early 20s” by being in law school. hobnobbing  all over the place.
  • august to december: 2L fall. took classes with an insane work load.

the underlying theme? intensity. whether that was from studying, partying, or just loving the heck out of life, i was intense about every single emotion this year.

in related news, my VERY LAST EXAM is tonight. as of 9pm, i’ll be halfway done with law school and, more importantly, free for 3 whole weeks!

there will be much jubilation. 🙂

a little of this:

and a whole lot of this:

i can’t even describe the happiness.


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