yesterday and today i have done nothing.




total freaking waste of space.

seriously. i took a 2 hour bubble bath, am currently reading the lost symbol [yes, i know dan brown sucks, shuddup], and am contemplating applying for more jobs. i had planned on skiing more, but i super tweaked my knee on some moguls sunday, so skiing is out for a while.

also, i have the coolest brother ever. he’s 31 – nearly 8 full years older than moi. he just moved back from amsterdam and is pretty awesome, despite all the ribbing.

he’s a real life adult with a cool job and apartment. for christmas, he got me two things i really, really wanted: the west wing complete series and a pandora one subscription! two things i super duper love? politics and music. specifically, josh lyman and my bruce hornsby station. now i get to enjoy ad nauseam.  my brother rocks the socks.

now all i need is to find a real life libertarian version of josh lyman and i’ll be all set. a sam seaborn would be okay, too. 🙂


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  1. Have fun with your brother:) Hope you are having a nice break!

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