resolutions smesolutions

i don’t really do resolutions. if i want to change something, i just do it, rather than waiting for resolution season. that being said, this year i suppose i do have a resolution. just one. but it’s a big one.

for 2010, i will be happy.

i’m going to live the crap out of this year. i’ll laugh more. forget others’ expectations. care more about people. study an ounce less and play more. i’ll enjoy the time spent with my good friends. i’ll let the little things slide. i’m going to say goodbye to the neurotic, stereotypical, dull ginger who only defines herself as a second-year law student and embrace the pura vida life.

so let’s go, 2010. you’re mine.

in the immortal words of goethe, nothing is worth more than this day.



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2 responses to “resolutions smesolutions

  1. Go Johnny go go go go!!!! I hope you’ll be watching this saturday!

  2. of course i’ll be watching! he’s so cute, too – me = jealous! 😉 best of luck to him!

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