decidedly not back in the swing of things

classes started yesterday. i’ve been filling my time with things such as:

  • my google reader
  • reading the daily caller [tucker carlson’s brand spanking new, news website]
  • catching up on my DVR from over break
  • glorious sleep
  • finishing a few books i started over break
  • struggling [in a big way] to do my assignments
  • feigning enthusiasm for the new semester

i’m usually one of those nerds who looooooves the start of a new semester. new books! new highlighters! new topics! the illusory optimism that this semester might be different – maybe i’ll finally get one of the elusive CALI awards [highest grade in the class] or be able to sleep a lot during the semester.

but i’m just not feeling it this semester. i’m still tired from last semester. i’m still reeling from the effects of a wholly unexpected and disappointing grade in tax.  maybe it’s the nasty economy. maybe it’s the fact that i’ve applied for 56 jobs for this summer and nary an offer has been made.

i don’t know what it is. hopefully it’s just a funk. but until i pick back up – suggested reading lists are welcome! favorite book? blog i don’t know about? send ’em my way.



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