my bologna has a first name…

i went to an alumnae event this weekend in boston. it was superb. there were women in attendance from the class of 1944 through an admitted student for the class of 2014. such amazing women who have fabulous stories and experiences. i cannot fathom being prouder of the ability to say i share something with these remarkable people.

so yes, rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. i love my college. no surprise there.

but as with many sweet briar events, i feel so empty after i leave. i have just spent hours with some of the finest women this world has to offer, and then i have to go back to my everyday life at this decidedly ordinary school. there’s nothing objectively wrong with it, it’s just no sweet briar.

and with that, i’ve come to my realization. my epiphany. life is like a bologna sandwich.

it provides nourishment, sustains you, but is not exciting. it is up to you to spice it up; to add life’s condiments – the mustard, lettuce, onion.

if bologna is all you know, it’s fine. but what about once you’ve added something special to the mix? like caviar.

once you’ve had caviar, you cannot even fathom going back to bologna sandwiches. it’s not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with bologna, it just doesn’t even stand a chance in comparison. once you’ve experienced the delicacy of the sturgeon roe, that’s it. no more of oscar mayer’s finest.

with sweet briar having been my caviar, my current life shift back to bologna is, to say the least, unsettling. so i have a few plans up my sleeve to add a condiment here and there until i make my life much more of a delicacy than sammich. and i’m genuinely excited.

pictures: bologna source and caviar source


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