an election recap that isn’t

because i think it’s obnoxious when people jabber incessantly after an election unless they are 1) the media or 2) have been invested in the whole thing start to finish, i’ll keep this short.

  • obama is an awesome campaigner. governor christie and senator brown might agree.
  • the democrats still hold the presidency, 59 seats in the senate, and 256 seats in the house. a win is a win, but it’s still an uphill battle.
  • scotusblog has an awesome piece re: last night’s election and what it might mean for the supreme court. particularly for justice stevens’ replacement. check it.
  • there was a shit ton of fog this morning. it was cool.
  • it’s a bit premature to suggest scott brown run for president. i’m looking at you, drudge.
  • after 4 years of love, i still find anderson cooper to be hotty mcdreamypants.
  • the namby pamby hit it dead on: “Watching Keith Olbermann tonight is like Christmas morning. Only better.”
  • the supreme court is releasing opinions today! SO EXCITED.
  • please call the nerd police for that last bullet point.

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