my next big adventure

in accordance with my moderately nomadic past, i’ve just learned of  my next big adventure to commence this summer. it’s a summer clerkship for a firm in a state i haven’t lived before!

guessing time:

  • it was the 48th state to join the union [the very last of the contiguous US] in 1912
  • it has had more female governors than any other state
  • it shares a border with 5 states and one foreign country
  • it is hot as balls
  • it doesn’t observe daylight savings time

so what state am i trekking to for the summer?

that’s right – arizona! i’m SO excited! i might suggest buying stock in sunscreen because this ginger will be using it more than water.


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One response to “my next big adventure

  1. YAY! That will be so much fun!!! My boss’ boyfriend just moved to Kingsport and loves it. Whenever you see Eucerin on sale, INVEST. haha

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