i am so in love with the olympics, winter being my all-time fave. my dvr is going to be very full this month. there are 88 countries competing in the 2010 winter olympics as opposed to the 204 competing in 2008 summer olympics. so it’s a lot more intimate. sadly, though, the ceremonies were marred by the death of georgian luger nodar kumaritashvili. i won’t link the video, but it is so sad. he was just 21 and died during a training run. just devastating. but how remarkable was it for them to walk into the stadium to a standing ovation. that’s sportsmanship.


weren’t the opening ceremonies fabulous, though? some of my favorites:

azerbaijan’s pants!

bermuda’s trademark shorts:

britain’s super preppy look:

iran’s marjan kalhor is iran’s first female winter olympian. political turmoil surrounds them, but how amazing must that feel?

my favorite european destination is easily monaco:

i’d be remiss without including my 2006 home, the spectacular new zealand:

the indomitable swiss:

and of course, our ralph lauren bedecked american team. amazing.

after some perusal at ralph lauren’s us olympic collection, i’ve found a few things i might want.

how amazing is this shawl cardigan? it’s totally over the top, but i love it.

and my absolute favorite picture so far isn’t from the opening ceremony, rather it’s this ski jumping picture of germany’s martin schmitt from the quals. isn’t it amazing?



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  1. Susan Kishner

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

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