america’s cup is coming home!

HUGE congrats to larry ellison and the bmw oracle 2010 crew! mere moments ago they won a massive victory against the swiss alinghi team, capturing the america’s cup and bringing it home for the first time since 1995!

my dad is already planning our trip to golden gate yacht club in san francisco in 2013. he’s very, VERY excited.

the america’s cup has a rich history. a few tidbits:

  • it is the oldest active trophy in the world, 45 years older than the modern olympics.
  • this year both boats were spectacularly massive – 90 foot multi-hulls.
  • america held it consecutively until we lost it in 1983 to the australians.
  • it had been the longest winning streak in any sport’s history.
  • in november, USA 17 [the american boat] broke its mast and was replaced by a wing that is the largest rigid wing ever and is 55% larger than an airbus 380 wing.

go america!!!


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  1. charlie

    2 awesome races. I just hope they turn it back to the 12 meters.

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