this past friday marked 3 years since my dear friend, laura, passed away.

she was a beautiful soul; had the most infectious laugh and was unflinchingly optimistic.

she was the kind of friend everyone needs; constantly challenging you to be better and reminding us how blessed we were.

i think of her often. i hear that laughter reverberating across the quad. i feel wonder that i was able to know someone so magnificent, even for a short time. i’ll always wish she was here –  i carry that dull ache of a world that is grayer without her. but i’m also joyful – she’s comfortable and i can only imagine exuberantly happy in the next place.

one of my favorite laura sayings:

i have no idea what i’m doing tomorrow, but i’m sure it will be another adventurous day.

remember how amazing life is, every single day. and always be up for more adventures.


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