ski cross!

while watching the olympics last night, ski cross came on. holy crazy sport batman! it’s a race, but considered freestyle, with jumping and falling in knockout rounds. it’s totally primal. and totally amazing.

how the americans didn’t win, i don’t know [seems tailor made for us – aggressive, crazy, and all about #1], but congrats to canada’s ashleigh mcivor for winning the inaugural gold in women’s last night.

if law school doesn’t work out, i’m totally becoming a ski bum and doing ski cross.



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2 responses to “ski cross!

  1. Chris

    We have been doing ski cross for years in Vail….we go to the farthest point in the back bowls and ski all the way to the Village. The last one in has to buy drinks for everyone that night. A little wreckless but you learn how to jump over small children really fast!

  2. that’s awesome!! wreckless schmeckless – just don’t kill a midget and you’re set.

    if our schedules ever have us in vail at the same time, let’s race!

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