got back sunday from a superbly fantastical weekend in the city of brotherly love. it was AMAZING! but now i’m sick. c’est la vie.

i was there for a federalist society student conference, which was fantastic. saw some friends i made last year at the conference, some friends from this summer, and made some new ones! i had never been to philly before. i really liked parts of it, but was shocked by how quickly neighborhoods turn. i don’t typically feel unsafe in cities, but i did a few times.

overall, it was wonderful! i’m so glad i went, even though i have 8 trillion things to do this week.

a few pictures to recap:

a cheese steak at campo’s [and yuengling, which is unavailable up here]. deeeeelicious.

some independence hall:

ubiquitous references to our founding fathers:

the rest of the weekend was spent at lectures, debates, and panels, so no pictures of that, but i went a bit crazy [as noticed by a tweet or two] saturday night. so i’ll leave you with one last picture appropriate from the weekend:

hope ya’ll had a fabulous weekend!



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2 responses to “philadelphia!

  1. mmm g&t, my fave. Glad you had a fun weekend!!

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