spring is nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party!’

spring is coming! it’s in the air and i can feel it on the way. now, i love autumn and winter, but i really love spring. i broke out my rainbows yesterday for the first time. is 44* too cold for flip flops? i think not. my toes were very excited to break free from my beloved top siders.

our crocuses are out!  the perky, insistent little flower is out to remind us that the days are longer and inching us toward warmth.

i’m really excited about this summer and i’ve been perusing my fave sites in anticipation.

i’m in love with this vineyard vines hat:

you can switch out the sash to coordinate with your outfit. will be perfect for polo tailgating and protecting my translucent sensitive skin. lovelovelove.

almost time to break out the fun stuff! sailing, golfing, day drinking, sunscreen, freckles, and dresses are going to be here before we know it! and i for one, cannot wait.


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