on flying

i fly a lot. maybe not as much as ryan bingham, but i’m in the airports a solid amount each year. and i love it, the entire process.  i love waiting for my flight, i love checking my bags, i love being around thousands of other people doing the same thing. i adore it.

regardless of the destination, who i’m going to see, or how i’m feeling about life, that feeling when the plane first ceases to be earthbound and enters the air? pure magic. you are given the chance, even just for a short while to rise above it all. you’re above the storm, above the fray. all problems relegated to minutiae and anything feels possible.

today, i’m flying to colorado for spring break. on the schedule? lots of skiing, sleeping, enjoying life, good food, and good company. have a fabulous week, y’all.



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2 responses to “on flying

  1. charlie

    This is beautiful. Even though I want to puke when I fly, it is cool to get above the clouds.

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