procrastination, thy name is firecracker.

i have a massive paper due tomorrow at 5pm. have i started? yes. but i have 18 pages to go. eek. it’ll be a veryveryvery late night. for now i blog.

open note to professors: do not make things due 2 days after spring break. it is cruel.

random musings:

  • healthcare passed last night. i made the fatal mistake of getting on facebook and am now boycotting for days. i don’t care if you’re red team or blue team [well i do, but that’s not my point], both sides have valid points and i cannot handle the disrespect that is flying via status updates. quite frankly, i don’t look to FB to engage in political discourse.
  • it was wicked foggy this morning, which was awesome. i skipped class to volunteer for junior league/ACS’s daffodil days. JL always puts me in a good mood.

  • spring break was spectacular. i’m not excited about being back at school. 5 weeks left of class, a few weeks of exams, then off to arizona for my “last” summer.
  • i’m feeling lost. i’ll have a legitimate post up in the near future, but i feel direction-less more than i ever have. i’m 23, have had a life plan for 10 years, and have no idea what i want anymore. scattered doesn’t even begin to describe it. don henley was right:
  • “out on the road today i saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac/a little voice inside my head said/’don’t look back you can never look back’/i thought i knew what love was, what did i know?/those days are gone forever, i should just let them go”
  • my bracket sucks.


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3 responses to “procrastination, thy name is firecracker.

  1. Good luck finishing your paper! I am a procrastinator and thrive under pressure, so I always waited until the last minute to finish up my papers!

    Also, I’m 24 and have had a life plan for 10 years when I mapped out my future. Now that I’m graduated, waiting on bar results and waiting on my job to make a decision about hiring me full time, I feel really lost. Know that you aren’t alone!

  2. First of all, GET TO WORK MISSY!

    I can’t stand people getting all political on fbook. I just want to know what debauchery you got into last weekend, how fat you’ve gotten since high school, how big your engagement ring is, and how ugly your kids are. Why can’t people keep things simple anymore????

    Oh, and sonogram pics….GAG hahaha

    btw your bracket is damn near awful…still love ya though. Mine is about to be shot to hell don’t worry. The two teams I picked for the Championship are already out LOL

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