i’m a terrible student

last semester my workload was insane. just bonkers and i was exhausted all the time. this semester is dramatically improved, but now i zone out in class all the time. i pay attention when i need to, but if i understand a concept, i checkout.

so if i’m not paying attention, what do i do in class? i used to read TFLN, but had to stop after an embarrassing incident in PR [i cracked up when the prof was talking about finding dead bodies – not kosher], so normally i catch up on my google reader, predict cases on fantasySCOTUS, and tweet. it’s pretty satisfying most of the time.

but not this week. yesterday marked the start of a whole lot of fun for me.

the masters is streaming online! i know that golf isn’t the most thrilling sport to watch, but it really is fantastic and absolutely perfect for class. you can pause and they have a replay button in case you miss a great hit! love it. and it also reminds me that life is more fun than law school.


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  1. shoot sweet stuff bro.

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