on growing up

i find that i’ve been rushing life lately. saying things like “i can’t wait to graduate” and “come on may 2011”. and one of the many very important things i learned at sweet briar was to not rush time. life is so short and allowing the bad things to overshadow a period of life i won’t be able to get back is just silly.

but really, y’all, i am nearing the end of my rope as life as a student. yes, the summers are nice, and paying back my loans is going to suck a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amount, but i really am ready for the next step. i’m really jealous of my friends doing “adult” things i haven’t been able to do. for example:

  • i want to buy a couch. well, home furnishings of all kinds, but specifically a couch.
  • go out for a nice dinner more than once per semester.
  • for that matter, cook more than just pasta and chicken. i am tres bored with the food i cook.
  • i really want a wine cellar. i understand this is a bit absurd far-fetched for a 23 year old, but i love wine and it would be so nice to have a reserve with tons of choices!
  • i’m ready to have a life not doled out in semesters! i know i’ll have deadlines, but i can’t wait to stop missing out on all the fun before christmas and derby days because of exams.
  • have an income. lord in heaven do i want a steady source of money.

for now i’ll just hang out. i have 13 months left, so i’ll enjoy my last short time of:

  • 3-month summer vacays.
  • being able to waste time in the day [hello google reader during class]
  • low expectations. no one really expects anything out of law students and i do enjoy that. fits nicely with the no real responsibility.

anything you’re looking forward to?

anything you miss?



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8 responses to “on growing up

  1. I do not miss college. I do not want to go back to school. While I also don’t want to rush my life away, I want my husband to finish school so we can 1) stop renting, 2) go on a real vacation on an annual basis, 3) buy new (not new-to-us) furniture, 4) buy a car that a) starts, b) has air conditioning, c) does not need major brake work, 5) not feel guilty for spending $15 at Hobby Lobby or $50 on clothes, 6) shop at stores I actually want to shop at and not the stores I can afford (AT vs Express), and 7) have real health insurance.

    I don’t want much, right?

  2. Sigh… I want to go back to law school! I miss the following:

    – naps
    – time off (I technically have vacation time but have to bill, bill, bill so I can never use it)
    – Being done with my day at 2 or 3
    – Having a social life

    FYI: All I eat is pasta b/c I get home every night at 7 or 8 and have no time to cook anything real. And I have more deadlines now than I ever had while in school. Your law school finals turn into motions for summary judgment, answering discovery, trials, etc., all of which happen more often than finals. 😦

    The real world blows, dude. Enjoy school while you still can.

  3. lawschoolwife: those are some very good things to want. it seems like our lists boil down to the same real want: disposable income! oy.

    trixie: to be fair, i don’t nap. perhaps i should pick that up for the last year of my life when i’m allowed. and you’re making me sad. but i will do my best to get drunkers and have fun while i can. i think you should go pour another glass of wine. that always helps. 🙂

  4. Ugh, such a tough place. Its so nice having your own money and being able to do whatever you want with a little (or a lot) of studying on the side, but those paychecks are oh so nice!!

  5. I’m with Trixie – law school life was easy. I love my job and thankfully don’t have to worry about billables, but everything was just so much easier when I was in school. Now it’s all mortgage, student loan payments, work, conference calls halfway around the world at all hours of the day/night, traffic, 7 day work weeks, etc. Enjoy your remaining time off because at no other time in your life will you have 3 months free. I’m ready to turn 30. I’ll be 29 in October, but my 20s were spent in school, studying, studying for the bar exam, looking for a job, trying to make ends meet on a paycheck to paycheck life. I have BIG expectations for my 30s.

  6. i miss law school. it was fun. i could take vacations, had time off. most of the torture of law school was self-inflicted. i didn’t have to start the school’s law review or talk them into letting me compete in a moot court competition they never had heard of before. but i was always the first person out at the bar or at a movie or organizing a trip to DO SOMETHING…

    and, of course, missing law school has NOTHING to do a with a certain guy… nope…nothing at all 😉

    but seriously, don’t be in a rush for the real world. my uncle (who was a doctor before he was a lawyer) told me to stay in school as long as i could. what’s the rush? the bar exam is hellish. finding a job blows. billable hours are the bane of my freaking existence. i live off pasta because it’s quick and easy and at the end of the day, quick and easy is all i can manage.

  7. lindsey: true story!

    v: you’re scaring me. i know you’re right, it’s just scary to think that life doesn’t exponentially improve upon graduation.

    jaime: doing something sounds fantastic. i started being proactive about my activities in the fall and love it lots more than i used to.

  8. LMC

    “life is so short and allowing the bad things to overshadow a period of life i won’t be able to get back is just silly.”

    yes indeed. i wish i could go back to sbc & do things differently bc i was unaware how fast 4 years would pass.

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