adventures in bar hopping.

last weekend we went out for the last hurrah of sorts before exams. anthem of the night: let’s be young and stupid! it was a rousing success by all accounts [except my liver].  ah well.

story time!

one of the bars we went to was swarming with my type of man: preppy, sailing nut, asshole. everywhere i turned, there was pastel, gin, and boat shoes. in other words – heaven. my friend tomtom knew just about everyone there – we had a blast. one of his buddies, a yacht broker, was there sealing a deal with some older guy from annapolis. the boat got sold, tomtom’s buddy left, and Annapolis Man honed in on me. we chatted for a while and he gave me his card, but i was annoyed so i ran away.

the next day i was hungover curious and went agoogleing. the man had a very distinctive name; think something to the effect of rainier wolfcastle– not totally out there, but unique. there was only one person with that name to pop up. a linked in profile, sailing results, and news stories.


why, might you ask, was he in the news? a big charity guy? big business? no. the dude killed a homeless guy 15 years ago. he and some friends beat the snot out of this poor guy, did terrible things to him, and buried him. needless to say, i am disgusted.

Annapolis Man/Homeless Guy Killer has since called me twice. the ignore button on my cell is getting some heavy use now. ick ick ick.

lessons learned care of AM/HGK:

  1. don’t kill people.
  2. if you have something terrible in your past, maybe change your name? go by a middle name? do something so that when people google you they don’t see the worst thing you’ve ever done on page 1 of the results.

i attract winners.



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5 responses to “adventures in bar hopping.

  1. OMGEEE!!! Are you freakin’ kidding me! I loved that you threw in the boat shoes, etc. But he seriously killed someone! Oh lawdy!! Glad to hear you had a blasty blast on your bar adventures!

  2. Scary!!! Thank God for Google! (although I never thought that sentence would leave my mouth!)

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