hello from colorado!

huzzah! i have returned to my beloved centennial state! as promised, as soon as my last exam finished i had so much fun. lots of partying in newport, going out to eat, lounging in my front yard, volunteering for JL, and sleeping. it was perfection. so now i’m home for a few weeks before heading to arizona for my summer clerkship.

i took the 6am flight yesterday [ughhh] so i could make it in early enough to go sailing yesterday afternoon. our yacht club has wednesday night racing and it’s always a blast. last night was no exception, so even though 3:45am was absurd, i’m really glad i took the early flight.

this weekend we have a big regatta that i’m really excited about. so far the weather forecast is very promising, so hopefully the races will go well. we have a kick off party tomorrow, a race at the crack of dawn saturday with the local TV weather anchors, and lots of racing and rum. just a week ago i was tweaking about exams, and now it feels like it was ages ago.

saturday night there’s a big silent auction and dinner to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. my dad has been eliciting donations for the auction. because i’m a vineyard vines fanatic, he called them up and got a lovely donation from them. i’ve also got my eye on a few other fantastic auction items [hello, tanzania safari!], so we’ll see.

happy weekend, all! any fun plans on your end?


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad to discover yours! Congrats on being done, and enjoy your road trip! I did a solo drive cross-country from Pennsylvania to Oregon in 2008 and it was amazing.

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