what a weekend!

this weekend our yacht club hosted a big regatta. my dad, as former commodore and current social chair, played a big role in the weekend, which means i was at the lake from friday at 3 until yesterday at 5:30pm, nearly the entire time. it was a fantastic weekend, but boy am i wiped out.

many of my friends question sailing in colorado. yes, we’re 1000+ miles to the gulf or any ocean, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any water! we have a few good sized lakes in colorado that have active yacht clubs, so we sail! because the weather is made in the mountains, the wind and weather is much more variable than coastal sailing. we’re at the mercy of the weather gods and it can get really hairy, but it’s such a blast. if yall ever come out west let me know and i’ll save you a spot on the boat. ๐Ÿ™‚

some memories from this weekend:

  • all the races saturday were canceled because winds were insane. 25mph steady, gusting 40+. it just wasn’t safe, so we all drank, had our silent auction anyway, and sat around shooting the shit. not what we had envisioned, but still a good day.
  • sunday racing was awesome. we got 3 races in, even with some crazy wind shifts at the beginning.
  • the speedometer is broken, so we have no idea how fast we were going. i do know that when we flew our spinnaker [happy, mr. c? ;)] in the last race, we were going obscenely fast. it’s probably good we don’t know exactly how fast.
  • i used spf 100 and still look like a lobster. the curse of the ginge.
  • we raised a substantial amount for cancer research via the leukemia and lymphoma society.
  • 40 boats dominated 5 kegs and 100 cases of coors plus tons and tons of rum. drunken sailors for lifeeeee.

it was a really fantastic weekend. these are wonderful people and i’m so grateful to be able to be a part of it all. sailing is so much fun – i highly suggest people take a lesson to see if they like it. nothing can compete with the feeling of a good spinnaker run.

it’s now gusting 50+, so i’m glad yesterday was mild enough with winds around 30 to race. hokay, i’m off to lather myself with aloe. ugh. i hope all of my friends gifted with melanin enjoy it.



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3 responses to “what a weekend!

  1. Oooh you finally got to race! And you made my day knowing that you got to bring out that son of a bitch, I was worried you couldn’t. Was it fun getting it down in all that wind?

    How the heck can you burn with all that sunscreen? I would think it’d protect even the gingerest people ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. charlie

    Tough life – wanna trade?

  3. mr. c: it was SUCH a blast. it’s pretty easy to set and drop with the way we have it rigged [thankfully], but we did wrestle with it during some crazy gusts. and i have no idea how i still sunburned. i’m a disaster.

    charlie: where was this offer during exams? ๐Ÿ˜›

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