i lived in new zealand for a while in 2006. as spectacular as it was, the amount of emos was confounding. what do you possibly have to be so whiny about? you’re a developed country. your poverty rates are obscenely low. you’re not the focus of trigger-happy islamists.  you live in a country that looks like this:

what is there to be upset about?

my very best friend while i was there was named taylor and we still talk everyday. we had a running joke about all the emo kids, particularly because my three flatmates were decidedly emo. a lasting favorite: i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.

yesterday taylor sent this gem my way via facebook and hilarity ensued:

i like this one, too:

i may be an asshole, but at least i don’t wear skinny jeans and 12 pounds of black makeup.



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5 responses to “emo-city

  1. JP

    I never got emo… I mean if you’re depressed, do you really need to drag me down too?

  2. Hahaha I LOVE IT! The Emos and Hipsters are ALL OVER THE PLACE in Austin. It’s not so much depression as it is way too cool for school, I don’t want to wash my hair, and I like wearing jorts. Disgusting!

  3. oh my word, dying here…so funny 🙂

  4. Finding Emo, awesome. Almost as good as Tickle Me Emo.

  5. That picture of Finding Emo is priceless!

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