hello from the grand canyon state!

this is a bit late, but moving takes a lot and my job is insane and beers were calling my name and holy cow is it hot. maybe a few other ands in there for good measure, too.

so my first road trip all by myself was a rousing success! 900 miles of nothing but me, the open road, and satellite radio station 58: e street radio – bruce springsteen 24/7. [discovered that station about 200 miles into the trip and it was a gift from the heavens.] i took a bit of a break in santa fe and old town albuquerque, both of which were absolutely delightful.

san felipe de neri. it’s right on the plaza and the oldest building in the city.

a lantern on the adobe of san felipe de neri.

chiles on the plaza.

don francisco cuervo y valdes – the founder of albuquerque.

i’m not sure what i was expecting, but albuquerque was so nice – i would love to go back.

i pulled over a few times to take pictures. definitely had to get one of my new state’s welcome sign! this was right after i picked up a bazillion 47 brochures from the welcome center. take that, environment! actually, i’m here for 10 weeks, will be gone for 3 weekends, so i need to be equipped to make the most out of my other 7 weekends! there’s much to see and do, i’m so excited!

during the week, i’m trying not to drown at my job. holy batman am i in over my head. but that’s another post for another day. but for now, let me just say that my heart almost jumped out of my chest today when my boss called me into his office and told me to close the door. holy balls am i about to get fired?!?! no, nothing like that. but bosses of the world, know that the prospect of closed door meetings are terrifying. and the serious face you have going? definitely makes it worse.

have any of you been to/through new mexico? arizona? long road trip with the boss playing the whole way? share your stories! it was a great way to start my summer, that’s for sure.



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5 responses to “hello from the grand canyon state!

  1. I’ve heard from several people that Albuquerque is a really nice place to visit. I’m glad to see that you liked it too!

    Good luck at your new job! Closed door meetings scare me (even if I’m not in the meeting because then I worry people are talking about firing me), but I try my best not to get too paranoid. You’ll start figuring out your job and won’t feel so drowned in a week or so too.

  2. My heart lives in Santa Fe! My family (dad) has a home there, so up until I was 16 I went about five times a year. I took high school off (stepmom problems), but have since resumed my pilgrimages to Santa Fe, most recently Christmas. I ADORE SF. My favorite tacos are at El Parasol, my favorite comfort food at Zia Diner, my favorite Christmas Eve post-Canyon Walk drink spot is the Inn at Loretto, and my favorite spas are split between the tiny cabins at 10,000 Waves and at the new Encantado resort. HEAVENLY! And as far as galleries go, you can’t skip SITE Santa Fe and Georgia O’Keefe. I don’t know/can’t remember if you ski, but if you never have, Ski Santa Fe is a great place to learn because it’s a small, unintimidating mountain with easy runs!

  3. I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to. It looks exactly like I thought it would, which is exciting. I have a goal to do the Route 66 cross country trip one day. I better get on it before I get too old!

    And don’t worry about closed door meetings. Some times they can be good!

  4. Good for you for driving all the way there by yourself! While I like to think of myself as independent I don’t like doing long car trips by myself for fear that my car will break down and my cell wont have service or something equally as unlikely. Good luck on your new job!

  5. I love the chiles hanging! So cool 🙂

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