the weekend in numbers

i went back to my new england home for a polo match this weekend. it was amazing.

  • 4: planes i rode on
  • 13: points newport scored
  • 12: points the challenger scored
  • 7: minutes in a chukka
  • 6: chukkas in the match
  • 14: ponies used by newport
  • 4746: miles accumulated
  • 3(ish): mixed beverages
  • 71: degrees saturday
  • 36: hours in newport
  • 6: hours slept



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6 responses to “the weekend in numbers

  1. What a fun weekend!

  2. Ahoy! Enjoy summer while you can, you know how damn short it is.

  3. LMC

    this post rocks. have you been watching lost? numbers is a theme in lost.

  4. Are you gonna be around this weekend? I’m going home to Beantown. We could meet for a drink 🙂

  5. amie & mr. c: i know! such a blast.

    LMC: i’ve never seen an episode of lost. tv’s not so much my thing, but i like the numbers.

    lilu: WOULD THAT I COULD. that would be fanTAStic, but alas, i’m out west again. have a blast and drink one for me!

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