it’s no secret that i’m not the most emotional individual in the world. i’m not much of a crier. by that i mean i haven’t cried since… 2008.* it’s not that i don’t feel things, i’d just rather save my emotions for that which i think really matters. there are so many terrible things that happen in this world and i’m a “big picture” kinda gal. while i typically don’t begrudge others for their emotions, i simply stay even keel.

but last week, boy oh boy did i begrudge someone for crying.

my office is involved in a high profile case SCOTUS is dealing with at the moment. it’s really exciting, but our opponents are pissed. at an emergency meeting of the state agency involved, the attorney for one of the opponents started choking up about how unfair it is. she cried. to a state agency. at a meeting being broadcast around the state. and couldn’t make a better legal argument than it was unfair.

there is a time and a place for crying. this was not it. frankly, it made her look ridiculous and weak. doing one’s job, unless you’re an actress, does not call for crying. it totally undermines an image an attorney would want to project [control, capability, levelheadedness] and replaces it with an image of someone with a splotchy, goobery-face. i get that she’s emotionally involved and admittedly, the stakes are quite high. but save the tears for your home and bring your non-weepy A-game. corporette had a piece this week about crying. if you’re wont to cry when you don’t want to, it has an interesting diversion to avoid the tears.

so maybe this adds to my asshole list, but seriously. enough with the tears.

*graduating from college and leaving was one of the saddest experiences of my life.



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4 responses to “crying

  1. Um. No. That is not OK. That’s way worse than crying at your desk, which is pretty bad. (I have cried twice at work, once in the bathroom (non-work related), and once when watching a really sad video on an Afghanistan war widow’s blog of her husband’s casket coming home on YouTube-DON’T WATCH AT WORK!)

  2. Seriously? I’m super duper sentimental, but I don’t really cry about MYSELF, if that makes sense. I’ll cry watching a movie or something, but not if I’m upset about my circumstances.
    Crying at work?? On screen? Completely not okay. If you feel yourself getting there, I think it’s even better to just excuse yourself politely and cry it out in the bathroom. I feel bad for her co-workers, that had to be so incredibly awkward.

  3. LMC

    wow. i feel sorry for her, that she wasn’t able to keep it together. how embarrassing (for her team and for herself). do you think she pushed the tears? like she thought it would help her defense?

  4. brittany: crying in the bathroom is totally okay. and there’s a VERY real reason why i won’t watch videos from afghanistan outside of my bedroom.

    amanda: that makes perfect sense! sometimes i get oddly choked up about random problems from movies or books if i associate them with real life. i felt bad for her client – wowza.

    liesch: she seemed really genuine about it. either that, or she’s a fabulous actress.

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