happy birthday, amurrica!

my favorite holiday? quite possibly. besides, IT’S MY NAME SO I GOTTA CELEBRATE. 🙂

4 years ago i was in new zealand, having just moved there. it was the dead of winter, storming like crazy, and we were all a little sad to be away for the 4th. so what did we do? went to the grocery, bought an obscene realistic amount of tui, threw it in our backpacks, walked up the absurd hills [seriously, they make san fran look like kansas] screaming “we’re celebrating something you don’t have – freedom!”, and generally were just classless american assholes. it was amazing.

i look back on that 4th fondly and am always sure to celebrate big time.

so this year, to help wish amurrica a fabulous 234th birthday, i have decided to engage in some fantastically american activities:

  • road trip
  • rodeo
  • drinks
  • hot dogs [chicago style, natch.]
  • gun range
  • country music
  • and, of course, fireworks.

happy 4th, all!!!



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