i love miley cyrus.

i mean, i know she’s trampy, has wonky teeth, and her dad is billy ray achy breaky heart cyrus who has a penchant for mullets and the soul patch. and i’m a 23 year old “adult” who listens to springsteen and CCR almost exclusively.

but still.

after my trip to philly in february, every ounce of my body–hair follicles and all–was hungover for about three days. and i had left my heart there with mr. man and didn’t know how to handle myself. to cope, i crawled in bed and watched hannah montana: the movie. twice. i don’t really know why–i hadn’t listened to her music before or watched a single episode. but i saw the horses, knew it wouldn’t take much intellectual effort to follow, and it was on netflix watch instantly, so i figured what the hell. and enjoyed it. what the frick.

now i don’t own any of her music, but i do have a miley station on my pandora [its title? don’t judge me] and hit the repeat button on youtube quite a bit.

if you’re feeling judgy of me, that’s totally expected. this is a bit absurd. but you cannot deny that party in the USA is a fun little jam. my bestie played it at her wedding in november and all of the frat boys danced their asses off to it. it was such a blast.

okay i feel better now, even though that was crazy awkward.



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7 responses to “confession.

  1. Haha f*ck that! I’m for selena gomez 100%. This month she’s legal!

  2. You are too funny, the way you describe this… and we say “Good for you”. If we ever posted the list of things/people/places we adore you would be aghast. Seriously appalled.

    Hope you have a splendid Wednesday!

  3. Picture this: 1L, first semester, second exam. Civil Procedure. The prof has told us over and over during the semester that this exam is going to be the most difficult exam we have ever taken and will ever take, except for the bar exam. No pressure, right? So everybody is sitting in this room and is silently freaking out, waiting for the exam to begin. Then, from the back room, we hear this:

    “So I put my hands up, they’re playin my song, the butterflies fly away…”

    Yep. This guy started blaring Miley Cyrus on his laptop right before the exam was supposed to start. Everybody just died laughing and it was a great tension breaker.

    So, since we’re being honest and all, I’ll confess to liking that song, if only for the memory it invokes. 🙂

  4. Confession: I like her too. I don’t like that she’s a tramp and stepping in Lindsey Lohan’s footsteps — but that Party in the USA song is catchy! I’ve seen the HM movie and it is nice!

  5. PP: no worries, there are plenty of other things i adore that will never be shared with anyone, even via anonymous blog. 😛

    ninja: that is hysterical! i hope that guy did well and/or has lots of friends. unfortunately, my 1L year was too full of gunners to have anyone do anything that fun.

    natalie: exactly!

  6. your know who

    Don’t worry…my guilty pleasure is the Twilight saga.

    See? It could be worse!

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