my flair for the dramatic aside, my trip to DC was fan-freaking-tastic. i wish i had been there for more than 48 hours, but my time was, as usual with DC, too short but an absolute ball. so here is a photo and story array of my weekend.


  • flew in. i had dinner plans with a friend, but my second leg of the trip from chicago was delayed so i had to cancel. 😦  instead of having a few hours, i ended up with 20 minutes to shower airplane stench off and get dressed.
  • reception at the hotel in the aptly named “capital view ballroom.” it was a spectacular view and i met some really nice people. this is what it’s supposed to look like:

  • this is what my camera captured [watch out annie leibovitz]:

  • after the open bar reception ended, we went to a bar just down the street. i learned how to play shuffle puck! talked to some cute boys, including one who is good friends with a boy i dated last summer [which, surprisingly, was not at all awkward] and one who went to the same school as my dad. AND, one of my very favorite people from undergrad came, too. 🙂


  • conference activities [learning] all day long. highlights included a super cute attorney from texas and my boss’s boss speaking [i was on my very best behavior].
  • reception at SCOTUS, which was amazing. i met justice thomas! [add an infinite amount of exclamation points] definitely the highlight of the weekend–he was hilarious, polite, and generous with his time. he and i chatted about his love for detective novels, SEC football, he [good-naturedly] made fun of justice scalia, i got him to sign my pocket constitution, and i grabbed a picture with him.

  • so yeah, we’re pretty much besties now.
  • even when i wasn’t chatting it up with CT, i had a great time meeting new people [holla josh!] and chatting it up with old friends and acquaintances. it was truly a wonderful night and i was sad for it to end. after SCOTUSmania 2010, i went to dinner with some new friends and then we all went out for drinks. i was very well mostly behaved.


  • flew back sunday after saying goodbye to all my new friends. i had a two hour layover in denver, so my family came to the airport to have dinner with me. they’re precious.
  • there were 200 people at the conference and about 20% were female. can i just say the adage the odds may be good, but the goods are odd definitely did not extend to this conference. a truly lovely group of people, i may or may not have drooled over a man or two throughout the weekend. and i must say, the men swarmed, which is very good for this ginger’s ego.  😉
  • it really was a fantastic weekend. wish i could go again tomorrow.
  • NB: not everyone got a one-on-one picture with the justice, but i’m pretty sure there are at least 150 new facebook profile pictures featuring CT. everyone [including yours truly] uploaded them immediately. nerds 4 life!


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5 responses to “best.weekend.ever.

  1. Wait. You have a pocket constitution? I’m impressed and a tad perturbed. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a good time! I wish I did something impressive and fancy with my law degree. Sadly, the only exciting thing I’ve got going is a multi-million death case that only I care about. Sigh.

  2. Awesome! So long as he doesn’t hand you a diet coke 😉

    -2 points for me for making an obvious joke! oh well! so glad your trip was so awesome!

  3. FT: i have several, in fact. 😉 my nerdiness knows no bounds. multi-million death case? AWESOME.

    LSW: hahahahah no negative points for you, plus about 12.


    pocket constitution? is it bad that i carry a pocket version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? eeeek. as i sit here with my sugared coffee (yes, i’m really *that* unhappy about this) i have decided that i obviously did not spend enough time with you and therefore must see you again asap. oh, and i really adore your blog. you’re an inspiration to me, as soon as i find coffee i can actually drink…..

  5. behrlie: you do NOT! ughh i guess my trying to convert you isn’t going so well. oh well, grad student nerds, ftw!

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