where did the summer go?

seriously! double-you-tee-eff.

all of the sudden, it’s the last week of my 10 week clerkship. the summer of my dream job has flown by faster than i thought possible.

this week: finishing my projects, packing up, heading home for a week, and then back to school. for my 3L year.

let that sink in! my last year of my formal education! time to find a real j-o-b. don’t believe it. won’t believe it until it starts.

seriously though, when does time slow down?



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5 responses to “where did the summer go?

  1. Time will slow down about 3 minutes into the first class of 3L. Because that “bore you to death” thing? SO REAL. The only way I survived was by taking a Big Important Editing Job on the law review to keep me working to death. Because I’m a masochist, apparently.

  2. I’m so depressed summer is almost over. On the one hand, my life won’t change at all, because let me tell you, there are perks to working full-time!

    On the other hand, I’ve really loved our summer routine, and I’m going to miss my carpool buddy (the husband) during rush hour. Not to mention his paycheck. Sigh 😦

  3. Get used to it. Once you start working full time, entire years will go by and you’ll be like, “wait. Wasn’t it JUST Christmas?” Forget about summers. Those will fly by while you’re stuck in an office.

  4. david michel

    people are stupid

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