my head and heart are in about 704 different places, so this post is going to be some reflection of that. apologies. you’ll find it color-coded for your reading ease and pleasure.

tomorrow is my last day of work; to say i am distraught is a complete understatement. this job has been so much more than i ever dreamed or could have asked for. i worked on two SCOTUS cases, was mentored by one of the brightest attorneys i have ever met, spent time with spectacular people, inspiring clients, and made fantastic friends. and, in true firecracker form, i am about to say goodbye and leave. as much as i love my adventures, i’m getting really tired of goodbyes. will i cry? i got a little choked up wednesday when boss 1 left. let’s see if i break my two-year no-crying streak.

the prospect of starting 3L year is nauseating. i’m thrilled to see my friends. but a whole new flock of 1Ls? gag me. amie is very well equipped at dealing with the newbies whereas i desperately want to hang a banner that says abandon hope all ye who enter here.

requisite apolitical comments about prop 8: i read the whole opinion even though i swore i wouldn’t–136 pages is obscene. as this isn’t a political blog, i’ll keep my thoughts on the merits to myself (though if you feel so inclined, i’d love to get an email from you). discussing it on legal grounds has been awesome. the non-law media coverage? less awesome.

anyone need a new lunchbag? vineyard vines is selling these lovelies for $20, with $10 of which going to share our strength, an org dedicated to ending childhood hunger in america. with all the obesity, you wouldn’t think it’s a problem, but it is, and it’s heartwrenching. so go help. (and this isn’t sponsored. very rarely i grow a heart, and today is one of those days.)

the lovely and fun amanda gave me the you’re going places, baby award. thanks, sugar! my instructions: describe where i’ll be in 10 years and nominate 10 bloggers.

i used to have a ten year plan. i had it perfectly mapped out exactly where i would be, the type of job i would have, who my husband was going to be, etc. it couldn’t have been more detailed. and then somewhere along the way, life happened. my goals and values changed, and i’m nothing like i was then. so now my only ten year plan is to be happy. the only vague guesstimate i can offer is hopefully working at a non-prof firm or think tank, advocating for policy change and the things i believe in. hopefully i’ll have met someone great. i’ll definitely be surrounded by amazing friends. and who knows, maybe i’ll still be blogging.

my 10 nominees: faux trixie, amie, v, brittany, melissa, lindsay, bella, behrlie, mr. c, and my tenth is open for anyone who wants to participate (i love you all).

go write stuff so i can stalk you more. kthxbai.

i made a new twitter friend today. she’s awesome and sent me this. it’s possible i’ve listened to it 80 times today. spec-frickin-tacular.

that’s about it for today. i’ll be off the grid for a while, as i’m going to the grand canyon, driving back to colorado, and otherwise not being tethered to my lappytoppy. hope you guys have a good few days/weeks/whenever. i’ll be on/off twitter.

until next time.



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4 responses to “amalgam

  1. two things:

    1) i totally love that remix. listened to it all throughout finals last semester.
    2) what do you think of Atlas Shrugged? I read Ayn Rand to figure out what all the hype was about. Now I can’t stop.

  2. Wheee! A prize for me! But I have to work for it? Eep.

    Thanks, dude!

  3. very married:
    1. thanks for stopping by!
    2. LOVE that you number your lists. 🙂
    3. i cannot believe i hadn’t seen this remix before! loving it.
    4. i had been meaning to read her work for a while and, for whatever reason, hadn’t gotten around to it until this summer. i am now 100% obsessed. holy cow.

    amie: i like to keep you on your toes. 🙂

  4. re #4: Me too! We should start an internet book club or something. 🙂

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