3L: 1 day later.

so yesterday was the first day of 3L year. hasn’t quite hit me that this is the final year, but here are some preliminary reflections:

  • my first class yesterday wasn’t until 4 and since i’ve been drankin’ more than sleeping, i rolled into school at 12:30. the library was packed – 1L-palooza 2010. i give them 2, maaaaaaybe 3 weeks to lose some of that enthusiasm.
  • my civ pro prof made someone cry in class our very first day. i have heard no reports yet of that from the 1Ls; i’m disappointed.
  • neither of my classes yesterday had homework and one prof actually read our syllabus to us. um, okay? guess we’re back in college? (not complaining. reflecting.)
  • classes: wills and trusts (aka: stiffs and gifts), sales (UCC article 2), trial advocacy (litigation 101), a bar prep class, and an externship/seminar. i’m spending two days a week off campus for my externship, which should save me from an otherwise snooze fest of a semester.
  • it has been great to see my friends again. good people are hard to find in law school, and i love mine here.
  • my birfday is next weekend so we’re hosting a BBQ. (though i’m pushing my roomie to let us do a clam bake.) theme: gingerfest twenty ten. guests are encouraged to: (a) die their hair red/wear a wig, (b) paint on freckles, and/or (c) sell their souls. (if you have no idea what i’m talking about, see here.) we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to make this the BEST PARTY EVER, but they’ll remain secret for now. i’m pumped, and am open to suggestions.
  • the 2Ls are strutting with their chests puffed out, harassing the 1Ls. it’s funny. part of me wants to scoff and say “wait until evidence attacks” and the other part of me doesn’t give an ounce of shit. because, hello, JOB APPLICATIONS.
  • i got back on sunday and have yet to unpack or go to the grocery. currently surviving on soup, canned veggies, and other high-sodium armageddon-esque things. whoops. see also: i will never be a doting wife (though i’ll be sure to get the best maid i can find).

to those who haven’t started: enjoy the rest of your freedom. to those who have: we’re one day closer to graduation. drink up.

ETA one more bullet point:

  • there are two brand new 1Ls at my school this year who went to my undergrad. when you went to a college of 600, you’re friends with everyone, even if you are Sworn To Hate Them For All Eternity. especially after you graduate. but these two are precious deer-in-headlights 1Ls and i’m trying to dote and be the loving big sis we all know i’m not. outlines, drinks, secret tips everyone learns but no one shares, etc. it’s my good deed for the year.


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5 responses to “3L: 1 day later.

  1. happy early birthday!

    also, i secretly ended up LOVING T&E – hopefully it’s not snoozy for you!

  2. I took wills&trusts over the summer. Excruciating, but it’s another Bar class down and it was only 3 weeks 🙂 It wasn’t too bad, except when he started blathering about the rule against perpetuities. That’s when I legit stopped listening.

    Story Time:
    My little sister is a ginger. As was my father. I was blonde, but have eternally wished I had red hair. This may also explain, in part, my love of Anne Shirley. Anyway. For my sister’s 9th birthday she had a “Redheads Only” party and they found some temporary spray paint for your hair or something and were spraying people at the door.

    My own sister refused to let me into her birthday part unless I dyed my hair red, my PLATINUM blonde hair. It was temporary, should wash out fast…fine. I’ll do it.

    DID NOT WASH OUT. I went to school for over a week with PINK hair.
    Moral: this will be an awesome party, and I hope somebody’s hair turns pink.

  3. VM: thank you 🙂 the first class wasn’t too bad. i liked property, so we’ll see.

    amanda: 3 weeks? i should’ve done that. awesome.
    and OMG YOUR STORY. i am dying laughing. i don’t think i’ll require anyone to dye their hair, but that is so funny.

  4. Shannon

    I have several comments:

    1. Re: 2L’s and Evidence: FML.

    2. I ALSO had that experience with the spray in dye – I wanted to the be a witch for Halloween (I don’t know why this meant having orange hair, but I digress), so my mom found me orange spray dye for my *very* blonde. hair. She chose to ignore the whole “do not use on blonde hair” warning lable on the back (like mother, like daughter). Let’s just say I was a version of ginger for a month.

    3. Finally, not to be creepy, but your avatar is the picture I have as my desktop background. Thanks google images!

    Happy almost birthday! As a fellow New Englander, I fully support the clam bake birthday party. DO. IT.

  5. Wills and Trusts was shockingly one of my favorite classes in law school – I didn’t expect it to be but it was really interesting. Good luck on your last year!

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