birthday buddies

so my birthday is sunday. that’s neat. and by neat, i actually mean absolutely terrifying but there ain’t shit i can do about it unless i die and i certainly don’t want to do that.

i’m turning 24.  i have now solidly arrived at the mid-20s. no longer can i say i’m in my early 20s. and i’m not getting any sympathy from my readers because most of you are already past that (but much more fabulous and beautiful and sassy).

in reality i’m pretty meh about it. we’re having a BBQ for my friends here, which should be fun. but lucky me, i have an ear infection, which means antibiotics which means no boozing which makes me a sad panda. causal chain, ya know.

i share my birthday with an interesting group of characters:

(via) i was never a fan of the king of pop. were you guys?

(via) this guy was the chuck norris before there was a chuck norris.

(via) he’s done lots of stuff. but to me, he’ll always be that crazy old coot from jurassic park (and kris kringle to mara wilson’s miracle on 34th street).

(via) play it once, sam. for old times’ sake.

(via) i’m more inclined to a hobbesian view of the world, but this guy’s work? wowza.

(via) ru-fi-o! ru-fi-o! cinematic masterpiece.

no, this isn’t a subtle request for birthday wishes. i just think it’s fun to find out birthday buddies. do you guys share your day with anyone cool?

have a good weekend, all!



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7 responses to “birthday buddies

  1. Oh girl, you are just a baby! 24 was actually my favorite age thus far — so many wonderful things that year. But maybe that’s because even though I got married at 24, most (not all) people still thought I was young enough that they didn’t bombard me with the “WHEN ARE YOU HAVING CHILDREN?!?!” the way they do now that I’m at the ripe old age of 27.

    I share my birthday with my husband’s ex-not-really-girlfriend-but-more-than-just-friends, although she is 2 years older than I am. Ironically, we also share the exact same (date and year) wedding anniversary.


    Britney Spears. FML.

  3. happy (almost) birthday! hope it’s a great one.

    i have no idea who shares my birthday… since you’ve laid claim to Rufio and MJ, i guess all the good ones are taken anyway 😉

  4. julie: that question is so unbelievably rude! i cannot believe people ask that! and for your bday buddy – wow. coincidences are bizarre!

    amie: best. comment. ever.

    jamie: thank you! aww you and brit brit are buddies!

    jaime: thank you! i’m not sure anything can top the rufio-MJ extravaganza. 😉

  5. Happy Birthday! I turn 24 in six-ish weeks and I’m really looking forward to it! As in, maybe I will someday stop getting the “Hey Brittany! We finally have someone younger than you on the call! Meet our intern!” conference calls with clients and the “But you’re way too young to be married!” also from clients.

  6. brittany: thanks! that must be so obnoxious! maybe if you start saying “man, you’re way too old to be single,” they’ll lay off (or punch you in the face). worth an experiment, maybe. 😉

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