i decided to pull my birthday recap post because it just isn’t what i want from myself.

i’m trying to learn how to transform my negativity into positivity, but i’m not good at that yet.

i’m trying to become an unflinchingly optimistic person, but i’m not there yet.

i let the minutiae overwhelm the good. i forget what’s important and get sucked into the vapid and petty world i cannot seem to escape. blaming it on law school is a cop-out. the problem is that there are just so many i don’t knows when i used to be so damn sure of everything.

i’m at a crossroads in life; terrified of the future, not happy where i am, and trying to figure out my direction.

growing up is hard.



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  1. One of my new year’s resolutions was to be a nicer, more positive person. It’s hard to not be cynical and to be more optimistic. However, if it’s any motivation, people tend to like you more (or at least so I’ve noticed).

    Law school is an interesting life moment. If it’s any consolation, the real world (once gainfully employed) is so much more amazing than law school… and I really liked law school. However, once you’re free from its grip, you’re a much happier person.

  2. Don’t worry, its not all that bad!! You will have a great birthday and I’m sure 24 has many wonderful surprises just around the corner!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. SBCVandy

    Hugs hugs hugs! I found the post SBC bubble to be a rough awakening. Growing up IS hard, but it seems like you’ve got your head in the right place! I’m here if you need an ear

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