so it looks like mr. earl isn’t going to be a huge issue for me. they’re projecting it’ll pass newport by more than 100 miles offshore, and bring us 2-4 inches of rain and 35-45 mph winds. they’re also warning us for a shift which would bring bigger winds and more rain.

that’s no fun! i wanted a hurricane! certainly not a rita or andrew, but something fun–i really wanted to use the phrase “batten down the hatches” in reference to a house, rather than a boat. shucks.

truthfully i’m grateful. i don’t live very far from the shoreline and understand the devastation these storms bring. i am prepared, just in case. i went to costco and have enough bottled water, non-perishables, and liquor for armageddon. i also packed a bag, just in case.


unfortunately, the NC coast looks like it’s going to get battered as well as the islands up here. hopefully everyone will be okay.

wishing yall a fabulous (and hurricane-free) labor day weekend! my original plans involved nantucket–surfing lessons, bonfires, and booze–but the ACK is not the place to be right now, so i’ll stay here, likely with a g&t or dark ‘n stormy in hand, all weekend. cheers!


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