nostalgia sunday: horses and sonic

each sunday, i find myself introspective and nostalgic. sundays are my time to relax and unwind; i reflect on the past week while looking forward to the next. lately i’ve found myself even more nostalgic than usual, reminiscing and trying to figure out what the hell the future holds. so with that thought, i figured it was time to share some memories with this here bloggy. every sunday (for as long as this lasts), i’ll share an old tale. feel free to join in–i adore your stories!

for my inaugural version, i’ll share about one of my very favorite times of my life: when i was 16 and riding horses incessantly.

during the glorious days of summer, i spent all day at the barn. in the mornings, i would wake up, drive out to the barn, and ride 3 or 4 horses with my closest friends: S, J, and B. after riding our assignments for the morning, we were famished and would drive into town for subway. we sat over our kids meal sandwiches (they were only $2.50!) and talked about everything: how the horses were that day, gossip, which trainer was sleeping with which cowboy, why so-and-so’s horse was such a shithead, and so on. then it was back to the barn to ride a few more.

if you haven’t been to colorado, you cannot appreciate how dry the air is. the temps climb to the mid 90s in the summer and you are oppressively dehydrated all the time. by the end of each barn day, we were filthy: covered in dirt from head to toe, hay in the hair, sweaty, tired, but so happy. as a special treat, our trainer would take us to sonic to quench our thirst at the end of a long day.

let me tell you, nothing beats an ice cold strawberry limeade from sonic on a hot day.

our order was always the same: S got the blue slush, J the cherry limeade, B the lemonade, and i had the strawberry limeade. we took our drinks back to the barn and watched the sun set from the bed of my truck, not a care in the world, each of us with a smile wrapping ear to ear.

the memories from the barn are some of my very favorite. to this day, i cannot think about sonic without thinking of those days and seeing S, J, B, and me sitting in a truck, giggling, and loving life. i have since traded my truck for a more reasonable sedan (insert eye roll) and i haven’t touched a horse since graduating from college (insert deep melancholy), so a trip to sonic is nothing like it was back then, but the first sip of that strawberry limeade transports me back to 16 faster than any flashback song on the radio or photo album ever can.


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One response to “nostalgia sunday: horses and sonic

  1. Jamie

    First off, I freaking love Sonic slushees and I curse that they’re not available near my current adobe.

    For me Sundays have always been about reading a good book. In high school and college I would try to finish my “homework reading” in time for Sunday fiction. I am still trying to do this in law school. After a relaxing day, I always watch Sunday night TV. I remember when Desperate Housewives/Grey’s Anatomy were HUGE in high school and everyone would get together and watch on Sunday night. We would take turns making food and just hang out and debrief the weekend. Oh how I miss it.

    Now there’s another good crop of Sunday night shows and *usually* I have time to snuggle up and watch them with my fiance 🙂

    Not as cool as your memory at all but I still love Sundays!

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