sharing is caring. or something.

i share a lot with you guys: stories from my childhood, my thoughts, my fears, and a lot of things i don’t share with people i see on a daily basis. in some ways, you guys know me better than most. but there are a lot of things you don’t know about me that IRL people do. as such, i thought i would share and join in on the 8 questions meme that’s going around.

beantown prepster is a fabulous lady and one of my favorite bloggers; she manages to combine law school, being fabulous (seriously, she always has the cutest clothes!), having a fiance over the pond (ie: britain), and entertaining me via her blog. someday i hope to meet her IRL, she’s lovely. she posted the 8 questions meme and now it’s my turn. rules: i answer BP’s 8 questions, come up with my own 8, and tag bloggers to answer.

1. if you had a theme song that played whenever you walked into a room, what would it be?

easy, forever young, youth group’s version. i discovered the song in new zealand and fell in love with it. so many adventures couldn’t happen today / so many songs that we forgot to play / so many dreams swinging out of the blue / we let them come true. i’m a carpe diem-er and this song fits. while the jay-z version is pretty damn sweet, it isn’t as much me as this.

NB: you might recognize it from the OC.

2. george or brad, and why?

y’all are about to learn something very important about me. i love a silver fox. mr. clooney makes me weak in the knees. see?

(via 1 and 2)

we’ll just never discuss politics. that, or we’ll argue a lot.

3. if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

a good steak. heart attack, schmart attack, i would die of happiness. nothing beats a rare filet.

4. what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

maybe not ever, but this one’s a doozy. last week i was at the town library (as much as i read for school, i still love reading) and was asked the strangest question: whether i was picking up books for my kids. um. i’m 24 and the farthest from kids as one can be, this side of menopause. add to that the fact that i was picking up books by ayn rand, brad herzog, and brad thor, and it would appear the lady thought i had kids who were teenagers. seriously? heart attack central.

5. where is your favorite place to sit in a movie theater?

the middle. unique, i know.

6. on a plane–are you a chatter or do you do everything humanly possible not to have to interact with anyone?

generally i’m silent. i block out everyone with my combination of book, ipod, scarf, and angling toward the window.

7. if you could bring back one TV show from your childhood, what show would it be?

salute your shorts, definitely. between the theme song, the pranks, and the best characters ever, we, as a society, are missing out with it being off air.

8. what is the first thing you think people notice about you?

easy, my hair. my hair isn’t just red, it’s the brightest version of natural red hair on the planet. people rarely forget meeting me, which is a problem as i have a very short term memory (i cannot count the number of times i’ve said i don’t think we’ve met yet, hi, i’m… and gotten a curious look with a i think we met yesterday. oops).

time to turn the tables.

my 8 questions:

  1. window or aisle seat on the plane? 
  2. how do you drink your coffee?
  3. favorite movie of all time?
  4. when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  5. what is your favorite quote?
  6. how many times have you been in love?
  7. fondest childhood memory?
  8. you’ve just won the lottery, what’s the first thing you do with the money?

rather than tag any blogger specifically, i’m tagging all of you! i don’t actually know who reads my blog (i know a few of you, but many numbers are completely unaccounted for), so please, lurkers and beloved commenters alike, play along! either on your own blog or in the comments. ❤



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2 responses to “sharing is caring. or something.

  1. Kristin

    window or aisle seat on the plane? – Aisle. Unless there’s no one on my row – then I take the window. I don’t get claustrophobic, but I don’t like being squished between someone who is inevitably too large to be in the middle and the wall of the plane. It’s not comfortable.

    how do you drink your coffee? – Heavily doctored. How do I wish I drank it? Black. I’m working on it!

    favorite movie of all time? – I have to choose just one?!?! How about a list? Love Actually, Forrest Gump, the Sandlot, Field of Dreams (don’t laugh!), Wall Street, and the list goes on.

    when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? – A jockey. Not even kidding. I was heartbroken when my mom pointed out that I was already too tall at age 8.

    what is your favorite quote? – “If nothing ever changes, nothing ever changes.” At the moment.

    how many times have you been in love? – Never. Ask again in a few years.

    fondest childhood memory? – Almost any holiday spent with my sister and my cousins. Or maybe going with my dad to CA for pepperdine orientation. Pepperdine didn’t work out so well, but it was a great father-daughter trip.

    you’ve just won the lottery, what’s the first thing you do with the money? Pay taxes. Then find a really great way to give a chunk of it away.

  2. charlie

    1. Aisle
    2. With bailey’s
    3. The Godfather
    4. Astronaut. I’m still sad that didn’t work out
    5. That Widespread Panic song you have on your facebook.
    6. I love easily, dozens.
    7. Hiking with my Dad
    8. I’m going to buy my parents their dream cars and not tell them until I drive up.

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