nostalgia sunday: convertibles and cherries

first and foremost: how about BAMA yesterday? RMFT!

okay, now that’s out of the way, nostalgia sunday time.

a staple in the firecracker household is the ranier cherry. they are sweet yellow cherries that are only in season for a few short weeks of the year and are delectable. my dad is obsessed with them and has passed along his affinity for them to the rest of the family.

as a little ginger child, my dad would drive me everywhere: school in the year, day care in the summers, riding lessons, and so on. he had this little maroon convertible that he loved; its top was always down in the summer and we went all over town in it. during ranier cherry season, he would fill up a cup with a handful of cherries to take with us on the way to an activity. we always shared them and spit the cherry pits out of the car (shh: they’re biodegradable). we have since gotten rid of the convertible, but i loved those days. just me and my daddy ready to take on the world, with the help of a few good cherries.

sometimes when i get bored now i go to car websites and build my own. lately, i’ve been only looking at convertibles. wouldn’t it be lovely to have one of these?




all i need now is one of these fine little cars and some ranier cherries. šŸ™‚



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3 responses to “nostalgia sunday: convertibles and cherries

  1. I’m a cherry girl myself. While I do love the ranier cherry, I tend to buy regular red cherries en masse. Unlike you, I swallow the pits, which my friends find appalling.

    Also, I’ve always wanted a convertible. I almost got a convertible beetle when I bought my car in April. However, I realized how dumb that would be considering I live in Chicago and we have horrendous winters. I guess a sun roof will have to suffice.

  2. FT: YOU EAT THE PITS?!?! aren’t they poisonous? i hope not, i want you to stay around forever! the beetle is such a fun little car, i think it would be difficult to not have fun in it.

  3. i miss cherries. maybe i’ll be able to eat them again one day. sweet looking cars. how’d you do with your first client yesterday????

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