dear laura

today would have been your 26th birthday. i don’t know what to say but thank you.

thank you for teaching me how to play a mean game of poker. that everyone has something to offer. that optimism is always better than pessimism and there is no excuse for a bad attitude. that while laughter may not fix everything, there isn’t much better than a life full of good friends and family. that life is fleeting, so enjoy it and love it.

i’ve reached a point where i can remember without crying, but there’s a hole in my life, one that will be there forever. thank you for being my friend, thank you for being you.

longfellow said it so well:

yours has the suffering been

the memory shall be ours



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4 responses to “dear laura

  1. Jamie

    Big hugs. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s hard to recover friends.


    love you. ❤

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