top chef (spoiler alert)

i hate television. i find most sitcoms to be entirely unoriginal and vapid, most news networks do nothing more than stoke hate, and most reality shows are completely absurd. now, i’m not being judgy if you love it all, it’s just not my thing. generally, i don’t watch much tv, but there are exceptions. for example, meet the press is a sunday ritual for me and i’m obsessed with anthony bourdain.

but today’s blog is all about the only reality show i watch regularly: top chef. i got wrapped into it a few seasons ago and i love it. probably helps that i find eric ripert to be absolutely gorgeous, but that’s beside the point.

top chef vegas was absolutely amazing. the chefs were magnificent and the entire season seemed to be years beyond every other season, in terms of quality of food, competition, and the eye candy (team bryan!). it was a tough act to follow, and accordingly, i found this season to be entirely underwhelming. but there were a few chefs who were clearly better than the rest; kelly, angelo, and ed were my favorites.

last night was the finale. it was upsetting and a big fat farce.


ed got screwed.



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2 responses to “top chef (spoiler alert)

  1. i’m finally getting around to watching the finale now. i’ve been pretty underwhelmed with this season. must be because they set it in dc.

  2. i love me some dc, but i just couldn’t dig many chefs. ugh

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