a lighter wednesday

my posts have been a bit dark recently. as i’m generally an upbeat person, this is weird. so i thought i would share with you guys some blogs that i find beyond hilarious. i assume most of you have seen these, but they’re too good to not share, particularly if you haven’t seen them.

hungover owls

a brilliant site where they post pictures of owls alongside a caption about being hungover. simple concept, absolute hilarity ensues.

“well Whiskey and Regret had a baby… and that baby was me.”



catalog living

a wry collection of photos from catalogs combine with a delightfully dry caption poking fun of “gary and elaine”–the couple whose home is featured in the catalog scenes.

elaine! which brown bottle and which white towel???



hyperbole and a half

a girl named allie shares stories from her childhood with hand-drawn pictures. her stories are a bit longer than most blogs, but many have left me in tears from such hard laughter.

(via) <–the sneaky hate spiral might be my very favorite. but her new cake one is giving it a run for its money.



a very nerdy blog i’m mildly obsessed with. the alt text often makes the post. it’s not as laugh out loud funny as the others i’ve listed, but it’s fantastic. and this non-funny but really sweet one is superb.

“‘fucking ineffable’ sounds like someone remember how to do self-censorship halfway through a phrase”


so enjoy! any fantastic blogs you read that i may not know about? hope yall are having a great week.



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2 responses to “a lighter wednesday

  1. That owl looks like Hedwig after she realized she wasn’t going to make it to the end of the series.

    I don’t know how fascinated people who do not desperately need to procrastinate law school will be by all this, but I’m riveted.

  2. Check out:

    natalie dee
    married to the sea
    toothpaste for dinner
    passive aggressive notes
    super poop
    postcards from yo momma
    you suck at craigslist

    All magnificent wastes of time

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