i’m with coco

after all, i must support the fellow gingers, yes?

i’ve been watching conan for years. i find his brand of humor hilarious and think he’s incredibly bright and a fantastic host. (and cute to boot, which is saying something since i don’t find male gingers attractive at all.) in high school i would stay up late secretly to watch him and in college i loved coming home from parties to find conan on tv.

i was thrilled when he was offered the tonight show. though my excitement was tempered with my fear that he wouldn’t be able to conform his humor to the earlier audience. much of his humor is split into two categories: very high-brown that seems to fly over most people’s heads or toilet humor. he graduated magna from harvard and is so suave with his ability to make fun of audiences leaving them none the wiser. funniest bit on TV: the conan and jim gaffigan collaboration: pale force.

as we all know, his move wasn’t successful.  conan left, leno came back, and firecracker was sad. his last episode is comedic genius–managing to insult nbc, play free bird, and give one of the best speeches in entertainment:

(if you didn’t watch that, mosey back on up and hit play. it is truly fantastic and a very classy speech. you can tell he’s pushing against emotion the whole time, particularly right before he gives his tirade against cynicism.)

and now he’s back. next monday, to be exact.




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5 responses to “i’m with coco

  1. OMG his tour was amazing. The only sad part of him being back is that now he’s not touring, which was divine. Team Coco.

  2. I too am SUPERDUPER excited for Conan’s new show. I love him. It broke my heart when NBC screwed the guy over, because he is hilarious.

    And that speech? I DIE. Such a class act. Even with a masturbating bear.

  3. 1) did you know I have red hair too?

    2) TBS on NOV 8!!!

  4. jamie: i’m so sad i missed him on tour! jealous.

    amie: he’s proof that you can use toilet humor and still be classy.

    vm: i did not know that! woo gingers! THREE DAYS! eee!

  5. I love Conan. Always have, and I agree that his goodbye speech was fantastic. I remember watching those last episodes and thinking how great he is as a host and how sad that he got screwed. Monday should be wonderful.

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