something important to me

did you know that every year 100,000 americans discover they have a blood or bone marrow disease? they estimate that leukemia alone will be responsible for 21,840 american deaths this year. fortunately, many of these people have hope of being healed by a bone marrow transplant. unfortunately, because matches have to be near-perfect, many people cannot find them. even siblings are matches only 30 percent of the time.

this is where we come in. Be The Match Registry, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program, is the largest registry in the country. their mission is to expand the registry, help find more matches, and reduce the mortality rates of blood and bone marrow diseases.

but if you can, do it. join the registry. with a simple swabbing of your mouth, you are on your way to potentially saving a life. this summer i met akiim, one of the firm’s clients who had leukemia. he told us his story and encouraged us all to join the registry. so i did, and i photo-diaried the process so i could share with you guys.

step one: open the envelope.

step two: lay everything out.

step three: read instructions.

step four: swab (no picture necessary, right?)

step five: put completed swabs in the nifty envelope.

step six: giggle at the fun sticker

step seven: close envelope, attach fun sticker, and send off!

in the course of five minutes, i registered to be a potential donor. they have my contact information and i’ll likely never be contacted. but maybe i will be a match for someone. can you imagine that phone call? i encourage all of you to register today. get a packet mailed to you, find a drive, or consider them in your charitable giving.

their slogan is get involved, save a life. how can you turn that down?



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6 responses to “something important to me

  1. I love you so much for posting this. I was 14 when I lost my sister to leukemia. My parents spent so much time and money looking for a match but we never found anyone. It was so sad to me that I was too little to be tested. But I am in the registry now and I really hope that everyone reads this and is added to the registry because it really does save lives ❤

  2. howitallhappened: excellent!

    jamie: i have no words other than i am so incredibly sorry. i just hope there’s even one person who will join the registry because of this post. <3, big time.

  3. chårłię

    Good girl. Deep down, your an amazing person, maybe it’s time to stop pretending you’re not.

  4. You are too wonderful for posting this — showing the ease of saving a life. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Been in the registry for years. The funny thing is, I signed up in college and then, like seven years and 10 or so addresses later, they called me to say I was a prelim match. Nothing ever came of it, but I was stoked! Had a friend donate marrow a couple years ago. His only comment, beyond that the needle used must have been developed by the DoD, is that it was totally worth it.

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