comments for cans

just a brief post today.

daisy is doing a comments for cans drive. because of her and a few matching bloggers, for each comment she receives on this post, eleven cans will be donated to food banks throughout this country. i am matching comments and will be donating to my local food bank.

did you know that:

  • one in three people served by the RI food bank is under 18?
  • the food bank feeds 55,000 rhode islanders each month?
  • that (^) represents a 50% increase from just two years ago?
  • $0.91 of each dollar donated goes to programs and hunger-fighting initiatives?
  • 76% of those served by the food bank live below the federal poverty level?
  • the federal poverty level is $22,050 for a family of four in RI?

so please, head over and comment on daisy’s post. the recession has hit hard, consider donating to your local food bank this year.

(don’t worry, i’ll go back to my asshole self with my douchey posts soon)

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